Sticking Up for the Little Guy

Bringing big technology to the little guy!

Big companies are all leveraging the power of automation, big data, data enrichment, and AI to grow their businesses.

Many small to medium sized companies are not aware of these concepts let alone how they could leverage them to grow their business. Failing to utilize these concepts is comparable to trying to move heavy items without using a wheel(s). You can do it, but it takes longer and requires an immense amount of effort….that is not necessary. Many small business owners feel compelled to hire people to make cold calls, or network incessantly. The common theme here is “cold” meaning you have no real idea how it will pan out and “manual” meaning you have to do the work yourself. No doubt this can still work, but compare that to an intelligent machine who can find 1,000 people who are actually very likely to engage with you. Reaches out on your behalf, and then let’s you know when they are ready to talk.

Yes all the big and fast growing companies are doing this. Yes, it is expensive.

The idea behind SparkTalk was to “stick up for the little guy” and give them an affordable platform that does what all the big companies are doing. Instead of allowing the big companies to take market share, we want to give small to medium sized businesses the chance to compete and take back some market share. If you are unaware of some of the topics discussed in this blug (big data, data enrichment, AI) please schedule a free demo with us. No obligation and we are happy to take you through the power of our system so you can make an educated decision.

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