All Data is not Created Equal

I remember the first email list I purchased back in 2012 for my consulting business. I set up a SMTP server and verified my domain. With 500,000 emails I thought I was going to be an overnight millionaire. I decided to send 1,000 emails the first day. Of that, 38% of them were invalid – which of course blacklisted my IP’s, domain, and quickly brought my grandiose hopes back to reality. This is not a blog about email deliverability, nor is it about acquiring high quality email lists. This blog is a reminder for the seasoned marketer, and a warning for the new entrepreneur.

The warning is simple: Poor Quality Data gets you Poor Results (if any)



The reality is that high quality data is expensive. Email lists that have been sold thousands of times, or raw scraped data is a waste of your time.  Most small to mid-sized companies do not have the budget to do six figure integrations with big data providers, nor do they have the technical team to use AI/Machine Learning to score and categorize the data.

At SparkTalk we work with a number of data providers to pull together highly targeted prospect lists for our clients. We use multiple data partners to enrich and append valuable information such as mobile phone numbers, social profiles, and more. 

In the world of B2B sales – quality beats quantity every time. 

Would you rather engage with 1000 people in a month who meet every single criteria you want in a prospect? Or would you rather engage with a list of 100,000 people that has outdated information, is not targeted, and is being used by thousands of other people? 

It’s an interesting question and one we all have to wrestle with… I will say that I learned my lesson, and that is why we have built SparkTalk around the quality versus quantity approach. Remember (1) all data is not created equal, (2) spammers lose in the long run every time, and (3) quality always beats quantity for B2B sales. 

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