AI Never Sleeps
AI Never Sleeps

SparkTalk AI works around the clock…for you

No one likes to do cold calling, data entry, or the same repetitive tasks all day.

From the hundreds of Founders and CEO’s I’ve talked to – they would rather pay their team to do more meaningful work such as closing prospects and working directly with clients.

That got us thinking – why can’t machines do that for us in a cost effective manner? It turns out they can… and SparkTalk was born.

At SparkTalk we specialize in automating the “busy work.”

AI Never Sleeps
Our business development AI consistently outperforms an entry level sales associate and has been used by hundreds of clients. It intelligently builds your prospect list, and engages with them on a variety of platforms to generate interest. We can fully integrate with just about any CRM, or you can use our SparkTalk app to manage the leads in real time.
Our customer success AI helps categorize the type of support your client needs, assign it to the appropriate team member, and follow up with the client automatically.
We have also employed a variety of custom solutions from categorizing and segmenting data, building custom AI driven lead generation funnels, predictive models, and more.
It’s time to free up your team (or yourself) and let us automate the drudgery – for a fraction of the cost.
I look forward to chatting with you when you are ready!

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