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Become a Certified AI Consultant

Technology is changing at an unprecedented pace – today’s “growth hack” is not guaranteed to work tomorrow. AI is only accelerating this process. 

The opportunity to help companies navigate these changes is there, but how do we keep up?

It’s simple… focus on what matters.

The world of marketing or consulting is designed to help companies or individuals succeed. Those who enter into this field have a genuine desire to help businesses address and overcome their challenges.

That’s what matters.

At SparkTalk – we focus on creating cost effective, AI driven products to help businesses grow and keep their clients happy.

That’s what matters to us. 

What if consultants had an arsenal of tried and proven products to offer businesses? What if consultants could spend their time working with the clients they care about, and leave the tech side to experts who are obsessed with the tech?

See where I’m going with this?

At SparkTalk we created the “Certified AI Consultant” program – where we offer resources to train consultants on the latest and greatest innovations in technology. More importantly we give consultants direct access to the SparkTalk arsenal of products to sell freely – and we do all the implementation – while you get 50% of the commission.

Our goal is to be the technological arm for consultants so they can focus on what they care about – bringing tangible change to companies and individuals alike.

Making a six figure living and doing what you love has never been easier than becoming a Certified AI Consultant.

Interested? Set up a time to chat with us to learn more.

We would love to have you join the team. 

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