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Using NLP to categorize user data is the next step in AI. Natural Language Processing can help gauge the overall sentiment of a human’s response, and categorize their needs appropriately. We see this tech slowly evolving as we call into large businesses for support.

LinkedIn has the highest network user on the web. For example, Facebook users only earn around 30k/year (or less). Contrast that to LinkedIn, where 45% of their user base makes at least 75k or more a year, and its a simple to understand why LI is the best space for B2B marketing!

No one wants their food to be cold, so why do you want your calls to be? Forget cold emails and calls, and use Spark Talk to initiate conversations on Social Media! Be upfront with your value proposition, gauge their interest first, then follow up with the interested prospects. By saving your emails and calls until after this step, you can get open rates up to 65%!!!

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parking real conversations with the right decision makers sounds extremely simple, yet it is fundamental to the success of any business. And the reason why so many businesses fail is because that simple idea is easier said than done. Gaining successful sales/marketing traction depends on many different factors, but is built upon two: Right target, Right content. Sure, you can purchase a nice prospect list from some 3rd party, and, yeah, you can simply blast that list with emails… let me know how that works out for you. We have to better smarter than that with our outreach. We have levels of intimacy with technology, with the phone being the most personal way to communicate. Then you have email, which is professional, yet detached. Finally, you have social media messages/posts, the most impersonal form of outreach. That is why Spark Talk initiates their conversations on LinkedIn first, and then follows up with messages and emails until they set a time to talk with you! Gauge their interest up front with a Social Media message, and then take it more direct afterwards.

…successful sales/marketing traction depends on many different factors, but is built on only two: Right target, Right content.

Even if you manage to setup a decent outreach campaign, your team still has to be ready for the inbound calls, and have the systems in place to convert those leads. Spark Talk integrations with any CRM your team uses, and we can sync all of you campaign data, helping you analyze what’s going on in the funnel.