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We enable marketing departments to manage all the work 

Everyone works better, faster, smarter

We aren’t like other recruiting firms out there

We deal specifically with diversity candidates, and aim to increase professional representation of minority groups

We were having trouble finding the right recruiters based on their diversity interest, and had no way of attacking our vertical based on behavior

SparkTalk AI is able to target candidates based on specific behavioral data

For example, we can solicit decision makers who are members of specific interest groups, without having to join those groups

SparkTalk’s AI tags all our user response,
and then integrates that data seamlessly
into our custom CRM setup
Data Ownership
After accumulating 10 months of user data,
we are able to build and modify our client data base.
SparkTalk’s AI help to make sense of their behaviors
We had issues with email delivery rates in the past,
but we’ve been getting a 90% delivery rate on all of SparkTalk’s data